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These are from Dari

1) Why exactly did you want to get into the restricted section of the library?

Why wouldn't I want to get into the restricted section? I suppose that's not a real answer. There's a few reasons. Mostly, I want to learn things that are interesting. Usually, things that they decide are important enough to restrict or hide are very interesting. Also, I don't believe in hiding knowledge. I think that it's not the knowledge that does any harm, it's the people who misuse it. You should be able to learn or know anything about anything. If they don't want you to use it the wrong way, I think they need to make you understand why you shouldn't do it. At the moment, they don't do that. They simply say that you're not allowed in there with no explanation.

2) What exactly inspires the way you dress?

My robes are actually used and altered to fit me. As for inspiration, I'd say I fit pretty well in the punk style. It's kind of industrial and definitely urban. It's meant to stand out from most of the population. Our brands tend to be band logos more than companies and... I don't know. A lot of the stuff I wear has been found at a second-hand shop and altered until I'm happy with it.

3) What is your family like?

They're pretty laid-back in general. My Mum works nights at different clubs as a DJ and my Dad owns a shop with some of our neighbors. I would say they're a bit laizzez faire. We tended to make decisions together... at least about my life.

The only family I really have other than them is my Grandmother and my uncle and his family. We don't really see them much and I always get the distinct impression they don't approve. They're fairly wealthy and I don't think they understand how we live. To be honest, I'd say our neighbors are more family than them, but that's really the only proper normalish family I have,

4) Describe your dream home

I don't really have a dream home, per say. More like I'll be happy with any home that has a few traits. I'd like it to be safe. I'd like a kitchen that always has food. Warm showers. Lot's of people that I like, preferably unique individuals. Art and posters would be cool. But I'm not too particular on everything else. It's probably have to be in a city, though. I don't know if I could live in the middle of nowhere.

5) You're fairly aware of muggle trends, aren't you? Doesn't the general ignorance of wizards when it comes to such things bother you? It does me.

I think they're missing out sometimes. On both sides, really. Magical travel wins, but muggle communication is way better. I think wizards could do a better job understanding the muggles in general. I mean, you never know, it might be that we could integrate with them now. There are plenty of areas that are accepting of all sorts of groups. Still, I'm sure there would be hatred from somewhere. That always happens. But no, I agree with you. I think wizards should know more about muggle culture. If only because it will allow those who are born without magic or with weak magic to have more options.


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