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So I've been back at school for a few weeks! I was amazingly excited to be back! Had a great time at home, but I can see why people become attached to this place. I've almost spent more time living in the castle than I've spent living anywhere else my whole life.

Speaking of! My parents haven't moved or been kicked out yet! It's kind of exciting. And Dad's buisiness it doing ok. I wonder if one day, they'll be able to buy the building or something. I know we're currently squatting in it but who knows? We might be able to get it cheap and live there without the threat of eviction.

I know... I know... Pipe dream. But I can dream.

Back to school: Fiona's finally here! And she's in Gryffindor too! It's been awesome. We're hanging out and causing trouble all the time. Get some school work done occasionally too. But it's been a blast. I think I'm going to teach her how to ride a skateboard. I figured out how to conjure one over the summer (with some help from Dad), so I don't have to carry mine around. I bet we can both conjure them and get around school more quickly. Also a good thing: there's nothing in the rule book about skateboarding. Delphia yelled at me anyways, of course, but I think she was weirded out by the fact that I noticed and even cared that she went missing last year.

She said it was family issues, but... I get the impression she doesn't have a close family or something. Like, no matter how unstable it can be - you know, moving around and stuff - I always know that my Mum and my Dad are there for me. One or two of my uncles maybe too (though not my grandmum). I think it's kinda sad that she doesn't have that. Or, she doesn't seem to have that. Maybe it's why she's so strict with the rules. Maybe she needs the stability.

Is it odd that I'm so interested in this person who keeps giving me detentions? I mentioned it over the summer. We were having dinner with AmiandLindsay (yes, one word. I rarely see them apart). Lindsay said I must be a bit of a masochist and Ami suggested that they buy me a pair of handcuffs when I'm a little older and interested in those things... I wasn't that amused, but everyone else was. I wish my grandmother had been there to hear the conversation. She would have been redder than I was and I would have been amused too! For now, I just think it's kinda ew... Anyways, I don't know if they think it is odd. After that, we changed the subject to something random.

Umm... who else is new? Oh! There's this kid named Dari who mostly keeps to himself and reads a lot.

--- This Part Locked From Delphia ---
I've enlisted Dari to help me sneak into the restricted section. I suspect it will be Fiona and Dari and I who will break in. But who knows? We might have to bring in Farry or Glynna or something too. But only if they want to.

--- End of part that's locked from Delphia ---

You know, I haven't hung out with Farry all that much since Fiona came. He's not so bad. It's just... I don't know. Fiona and I get on really well. I feel bad, but sometimes I don't even think about it. I should invite him along sometimes, I suppose. I'll see what Fiona thinks. Oh well, maybe I'll still hang out with him when we have similar homework or something. I don't know...

Anyways, I have to run! I need to get to the library. I haven't asked Madam Pince if I can go into the Restricted Section yet. I'm going to ask her every day until she cracks and lets me in.

Random note: Mom just sent me a CD! I'm excited!

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